Do we ever thought that God is really great. Yes, God is absolutely the Almighty. The incident happened to me today was kinda a big surprise. All this while i was so long to meet my juniors in UPM. The last thing i heard about them was, they were now scattered all over the campus without any contact numbers left. It was lately i felt the urge to gather them to share something magnificient. Last Saturday i just thinked about them, asking God how could i met they all very soon. After day by day, due to some reason, Allah had poured idea to Zai and k.fisha to visit me. The call i answered yesterday was unexpected, whole body shivered, (yeah, i suffered this disease)mind seemed to recap memories but I was glad knowing that someone still remember me. Hmm, i welcomed my ex roomate and also the becoming bride.

Yeah, we managed to have our lunch together and they sent midah and I to the faculty very early. It was 3.50pm and the class will start at 5.15pm. But........, was it a big matter???Believe or not, something great happened.
Midah and I decided to had a seat at the nearest bench. We discussed about project, planned our future and suddenly my eyes caught to this one figure. Very familiar. I stood and pretended walking along the street to confirm either i know the girl or not. Alhamdulillah, yeepee, she was Mashitah my junior at high school. I threw away my ego and built the guts to approach her. She looked shocked with the acquaintance but after a moment we chatted for quite long, shared new stories about campus life and also latest updates about our previous school. I was amazed by her friendliness and i got to know that one of my junior also her classmates.

SUBHANALLAH, how Allah has made my life easier. Then we changed numbers, shook hands and left with smile and hope.. (to Allah, our prayers belong. )



Semalam ketika di dalam bas nak ke fakulti ekologi, aku duduk disebelah seorang akak Iran. Kelihatan pak cik bas belum berada di kerusinya, lantas aku mengambil keratan muqaddimah zilal di dalam beg. Aku buka muka surat 4. Ketika sibuk me'revise' balik pelajaran dulu, akak Iran disebelah seperti menjeling-jeling keratan yang dipegangku. Tiba-tiba.....

(akak Iran) Excuse me!, do you know how to read this? (dia menuding jari pada
salah satu ayat Al-Quran di page 4)

(DiSepanjang Jalan) Yes

(akak Iran) Could you read for me?

(DiSepanjang Jalan) Ok, kemudian saya baca ayat 92 Surah Al-Anbiya') Could you read this
for me, (sekadar menguji).

kemudian akak Iran turut membaca ayat itu dimulai dengan bismillah, beserta sebutan makhraj dan tajwid yang baik.

(DiSepanjang Jalan) Alhamdulillah, (aku berasa sungguh terharu)

(akak Iran) Some of us speak English, Malay and other languages as mother tongue
and that make other people ask; why Muslims read in Arabic during
prayers? They don't know that's already shows the unity in Islam.

(DiSepanjang Jalan) Yeah it's so true, though we are different but Al-Quran unites us all.

Kami berbual panjang dan sempat aku bercerita pasal Syed Qutb dan Ikhwanul Muslim. Petang itu aku ada usrah dan ternyata ada cerita baru untuk dikongsi. Sesungguhnya aku amat terharu dan bersyukur dengan pertemuan yang indah itu.

Maksud surah Al-Anbiya' ayat 92; "Dan Sesungguhnya umat (para Anbia) ini adalah umat kamu iaitu umat yang SATU dan Aku adalah Tuhan kamu. Oleh itu sembahlah Aku".